Press Release: Grand Opening in Athens, Ohio for Online Boutique


**Stephanie Grams Recognized for Heartfelt Creations at Memory Bears and Keepsakes in Athens, Ohio**

ATHENS, OHIO — AUGUST 9,2023 — Stephanie Grams, the visionary owner of Memory Bears and Keepsakes, is gaining well-deserved attention for her exceptional work in transforming cherished clothing and fabrics into timeless keepsakes that capture cherished memories. Situated in the heart of Athens, Ohio, Grams’ boutique has become a go-to destination for those seeking personalized mementos that celebrate life’s most meaningful moments.

With an innate passion for preserving memories, Stephanie Grams has mastered the art of creating Memory Bears, a heartwarming concept that transforms sentimental fabrics into huggable, tangible tokens of remembrance. Each bear is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the essence of the original fabric and its associated memories are beautifully woven into the final creation.

“Every piece of clothing tells a story, and my goal is to help people keep those stories alive in a tangible way,” says Stephanie Grams. “I’m deeply honored to play a role in preserving the memories attached to these fabrics, whether it’s a baby’s first outfit, a loved one’s shirt, or any piece that holds sentimental value.”

Memory Bears and Keepsakes offers a diverse range of services beyond Memory Bears, including custom quilts, pillows, and other keepsakes. Clients can select from an array of design options, ensuring that each creation is a unique reflection of their personal journey.

Grams’ expertise lies not only in her craftsmanship but also in her ability to empathize with her clients. Her heartfelt approach and dedication to understanding the stories behind each fabric make the process of commissioning a Memory Bear an emotionally rewarding experience.

As word of mouth continues to spread about the transformative creations at Memory Bears and Keepsakes, Stephanie Grams remains steadfast in her commitment to her craft. Her workshop has become a haven where memories are cherished, celebrated, and transformed into tangible treasures that transcend time.

For more information about Memory Bears and Keepsakes, to schedule an interview with Stephanie Grams, or to explore the range of offerings, please visit MEMORYBEARSANDKEEPSAKES.COM

**About Stephanie Grams and Memory Bears and Keepsakes:**
Stephanie Grams is the creative force and owner behind Memory Bears and Keepsakes, a boutique located in Athens, Ohio. With a profound passion for preserving memories through textiles, Stephanie crafts personalized Memory Bears and other keepsakes that encapsulate the sentimental value of cherished fabrics. Each creation is a testament to her dedication to transforming stories into tangible treasures.

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Stephanie Grams

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